31 July 2001
Average yield on barley crop

DUNCAN WHITEMAN, who farms at Broseley, in the “heart of the Shropshire wheat land” has combined some Regina winter barley and jokes, “hurrah!”

Twenty-four hectares (60 acres) have an estimated yield of 7.4t/ha (3t/acre). This is average for the farm.

They started last Thursday (26 July), combining 12ha (30 acres), but then waited till the end of the weekend to re-start. “It had not ripened evenly, and in the wetter patches there was still green bits.”

They have also stopped today (31 July), following a 2mm shower last night. “I did not want to spoil what was already in the barn.”

He says they are slightly ahead in time on the medium to heavy soil farm. They should start oats next week, and also have beans, winter wheat and spring barley.

“The spring barley is as green as grass, and wont be ready till early September.”

In the area he predicts that 30-40% of winter barley has been combined.

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