23 June 1995

Ayrshire salver to Stranraer

THE James A Rennie Salver for the highest yielding Ayrshire herd in the UK was awarded to Hugh and Janet McWilliams, Low Barnultoch Herd, Lochans, Stranraer, at the Ayrshire Cattle Society annual awards, Renfrewshire.

The 61-cow herd has an average yield of 7263kg, at 3.92% fat and 3.43% protein. The salver for the highest yielding cow was awarded to Low Milton Dolly 8 from W Greenshields, Fordmouth, Carnwath, Lanarkshire, for the second year. Dolly 8 clocked up 11, 997kg, at 5.21% fat and 3.00% protein.