26 May 1995

B&W trend is still upwards

THE upward trend in the black-and-white calf trade has continued, taking values back to the levels of a year ago.

The year-on-year price differential has been gradually reduced, with Friesian bull calves in the week ending May 20 reaching £174.30.

Experiences at Lanark have been typical. There, Friesian values have been moving upwards, with Mondays £178 average being "the dearest this year". Continental calves have also been selling well at Lanark, with this weeks average at £215.

And at Bakewell, Friesian bull calves again in strong demand on Monday to level at £177.

Although nationally, black-and-white calf marketings were well down during the first quarter of 1995, more recent price increases have been achieved against a background of higher numbers. The MLC says marketings in April were 10% up on 12 months earlier.

Although exports are still thought to be down on last year, tight calf supplies on the Continent and a weak £ have helped to support prices. &#42