29 September 1995

B&Ws toppled

BLACK-and-white dominance of the Dalgety/RABDF three-day economic milking trials ended last week after a competition which recorded milk proteins 0.1% below average.

"Protein levels recorded for cows were down across the board – reflecting the effects of the dry summer, and energy shortages in cow diets," said trial co-ordinator Chris Bushin.

Pole position was scooped by the Dairy Shorthorn cow Maxton Ada 2 owned by JD and RL Spalton, Church Broughton, Derbyshire. She produced a margin over all feeds (MOAF) of £9.25 a day – compared with the Dairy Shorthorn breed average of £5.52 a day – and averaged 46.25kg at 5.15% fat and 3.14% protein.

Runner-up cow was Hayleys Apropos from Padfield (Hayleys) Ltd, Epping, Essex, with a MOAF of £8.84 a day and an average yield of 51.13kg at 4.29% fat and 2.93% protein.

Topping the breed earning stakes were the Holstein Friesians with an average of £7.00 a day. This breed produced the third place cow Penheale Gerrie, from first-time exhibitor Penheale Home Farm, Launceston, Cornwall, with a MOAF of £7.84 a day at 5.44% and £3.28%.

Breed runners-up were the British Holsteins with an average MOAF of £6.74 a day.