NEXT WEEK is Farmhouse Breakfast Week – so you’ve got the ideal excuse to treat yourself to a delicious bacon buttie every morning!

“While it does perhaps have the image of a delicious treat, the great news is that there is no reason at all why the bacon buttie can”t be included as part of a healthy balanced diet,” says nutritionist Therese Coleman of Breakfast Week organisers HGCA.

 “A bacon buttie will provide B vitamins, iron and a good combination of protein and carbohydrates to help your concentration and energy levels through the morning.”

Farmers will be among those taking part in events during Breakfast Week, which kicks off on Sunday (Jan 23) in a bid to highlight the importance of a healthy, balanced breakfast – and the diversity and quality of regional food.

“With so many regional bacons to choose from including Wiltshire Dry Cure and Suffolk Boozy Bacon – not to mention a fantastic range of breads from all over the country – there is every reason to tuck into a healthy bacon buttie,” adds Therese.