7 June 2002


Would you like to do something thats good for the environment, good for farming, and good for farmings image? Then, why not join our drive to persuade government to give biofuels, produced from crops such oilseed rape, sugar beet or even wheat, the tax break they deserve?

Government has already shown it is warming to the idea with its 20p duty rebate granted on biodiesel in the last budget. That will come into force as soon as the Finance Bill is passed by parliament.

But it is not enough to attract investment in significant production capacity in the UK. Policy makers must be persuaded to drop the duty rate to parity with the fossil gas fuels liquefied petroleum gas and compressed natural gas. Such action would launch a new and much needed biofuels industry. It would provide new outlets for growers, particularly for crops grown on the UKs 800,000ha (2m acres) of set-aside land.

Heres how you can help. Paul Tipping MP has tabled a cross-Party Early Day Motion in the House of Commons urging the Chancellor to do just that. To make maximum impact, as many MPs as possible should be persuaded to sign it. Some will bother to do that only if their constituents show that the subject matters to them.

Simply turn to page 7 and fill in the coupon requesting your MP to back the motion and post it. Or visit our stand at Cereals 2002 at Grange Farm, North Rauceby, Lincs, on Wednesday and Thursday next week and sign on the dotted line.

Many of our European neighbours already benefit from reduced duty on biofuels. Dont UK growers deserve the same opportunity to produce the raw materials for such environmentally friendly fuels? Please lend your support to this initiative which could both breathe new life into arable farming and help to provide fresher air for everyone.