8 December 1995

Barley list supported

SCOTLANDS leading variety specialist gave the new UK cereal varieties testing scheme his full backing at the HGCA seminar.

"I had some misgivings that varieties with potential in Scotland would not be given a proper hearing," said Dr David Cranstoun from the Scottish Agricultural College. "But I have to say I am now full of confidence in the UK system.

"There is no way the committee in Cambridge will not support a variety if it has potential in Scotland." That was shown with Prisma, which has been kept on the list as an important malting barley in Scotland, said Dr Cranstoun.

He told the 200 farmers that Chariot and Prisma would claim 60% of next years malting barley market, with Derkado taking 20%. Camargue, on the other hand, was no longer recommended for malting.

Among the newer varieties, Optic was setting the yield standard (10% above Chariot). But there was a definite risk outside early areas or early fields on a farm.

Cooper and Delibes have won provisional recommendation for malting.

The exciting newcomer was Tankard, which had beaten Optic for malting yield, although grain yield was not so high. "But yields have been better with us than in the rest of the UK and it does have a degree of earliness," said Dr Cranstoun.