12 May 1995

Bed formers task is spud nutrition

ELIMINATION of soil compaction to improve water and nutrient availability to a potato crop, is the aim of the latest version of Dowdeswell Engineerings tractor-mounted Bed Former.

Three tines working to a depth of 1m (3ft 3in) precede the implements two pairs of ridgers.

"We reasoned each ridging body would not only move the soil sideways to form the initial potato row or bed but, like a plough, would also produce soil lift and shatter," explains sales manager Mike Alsop.

"Additional soil movement across the working width would be generated by subsoiling legs mounted either side of the ridging bodies."

A box-section main frame has hydraulically folding wings to reduce its 3m (10ft) working width for transport. Price is £4498.

lThe new Dowdeswell subsoiler/bedformer, along with a host of other machinery, can be seen at the PMB Potato Technology 95 event at Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire, on May 17/18.

Subsoiling and bed-forming in one pass with the latest development from Dowdeswell Engineering. Improved water and nutrient availability through the use of three subsoiling tines is claimed to be the aim.