1 March 1996


BEEF consumption has fallen from 20kg a person in 1987 to 16kg a person now. For those involved with beef production and marketing, the challenge is how to stop consumption falling. Beef for the Market 96 is, therefore, timely and vital.

Market requirements are now being expressed more clearly than ever before from retailers. And to meet these requirements the producer must make the right choice of breed and production system.

Marketing cattle "through the farm gate" is the crucial link between production and product and no specialist farming event has ever looked at "both sides of the farm gate" in quite such detail.

The event makes the link to beef production on-farm by showing producers how they fit into the food chain and how they can work together to produce superior quality beef – profitably.

We are delighted that Sainsburys is playing such a major role in this, the first farming event it has sponsored.

Beef for the Market will be a focal point for producers, wholesalers, meat processors and retailers which will look at breeding, feeding, management and marketing to meet market specifications.

Programme A

11.30amBeef system choice.

Producing Holstein

beef to specification.

Breeding for bigger


12.30pmLinking the food chain.

What can I pay?

1.30pmA blueprint for beef.

Why is tough meat


Beef promotion

2.30pmWhere are we now

with beef?

Future prospects.

Programme B

12pmDesigner beef.

Pasture management

and silage feeding.

1pmBSE an update.

2pmGetting the calf right.

Calf health.

3pmMarketing options.

Farm assurance.