14 June 1996

Beef firmly back on the menu at Suffolk Show



Interbreed Strutt & Parker Farms British Holstein cow Esquinn Raider Andy; res, C R Cawstons Jersey heifer Poringland Cornflower.

Holstein Friesian & British Holstein Strutt & Parker Farms British Holstein cow Esquinn Raider Andy; res, their cow Combhaven Counselor.

Guernsey N R Kennards cow Instead Doris 11; res, their cow Instead Beauty 12.

Jersey C R Cawstons Jersey heifer Poringland Cornflower; res, Byng/Padfields cow Wellhead Bonds Random.

Red Poll S G Prescott & Sons dry cow Woldsman Blackberry; res, A & M Reeves maiden heifer Whitegate Maudy.


Interbreed W J & M Mashs Limousin bull Fiston; res, B J Wyands British Simmental bull Twyford Calvin.

Beefbreeder Championship G D Key & Sons Simmental bull Key Figaro; res, T F & R Evans Limousin bull.

Hereford R L Broads cow Badlingham Blossom 50; res, D R B Cargill & Partners bull Chapleton 1 Juryman.

British Charolais M R & C E Parkers cow Royston Fleur; res, G L Lysters heifer de Crespigny Joyful.

British Simmental B J Wyands bull Twyford Calvin; res, A Hurn & Partners cow Twyford Aroma.

Limousin W J & M Mashs Limousin bull Fiston; res, their cow Himalaya.

Belgian Blue Roger Randalls bull Battleden Leo; res, Hillier & Sons cow Battleden Grace.

South Devon W J Cook & Partners cow A1 Haveringland Rosebud 2; res, A & P Ricketts bull A1 Juniper Ulysses.

Other Pure Breeds HP Gosling & Sons Bazadais heifer Indienne; res, T Stebbingss Aberdeen Angus heifer Effie 5 of Grimston Fen.

Commercial Beef S Sellerss steer Jack the Lad; res, T Earey & Sons steer Brian.

Rare/Minority Breeds S E Colemans Longhorn bull Hartford Pioneer; res, his Longhorn cow Bemborough Gooseberry.


Interbreed P Bakers Jacob shearling ewe; res, E J & P D Cresswells Hampshire Down shearling ewe.

Suffolk J D Broughtons ram lamb; res, R D & C B Harts shearling ewe.

Jacob P Bakers shearling ewe; res, her ram.

Charollais M Tullochs ewe lamb; res, J S & C A Barbers ewe.

Hampshire Down E J & P D Cresswells shearling ewe; res, Banks & Greens shearling ewe.

Texel C D M Lewiss ram; res, Dixon Smiths ewe lamb.

British Bleu Du Main M J Moyerss ram; res, J McInnes Skinners ewe.

Longwools S Holdichs Wensleydale shearling ewe; res, J Horswills Lincoln Longwool ram.

Other Native Breeds B & R Moores Dorset Down shearling ewe; res, G &#42 Wilds Southdown ram.

Continental Breeds T & J Prentices Rouge de lOuest ram; res, their Rouge de lOuest shearling ewe.

Commercial Sheep S &#42 C Rawlings Texel x Suffolk ewe with lambs; res, R A Waddells Scotch Half Bred ewe with lambs.

Butchers Lambs S &#42 C Rawlingss Texels; res, E M Spratts Texels.


Commercial Pigs Sir F Newmans Large White x Landrace porkers; res, R Mortimers Cotswold cutters.


Dairy Goats R Tylers British Toggenburg Tetherdown Carousel; res, &#42 Matthewss British Saanen Toddbrook Marrakesh.

Angoras B M Spooners buck Claydale Douglas; res, E C M Downings young doe Custance Honeysuckle. &#42

BRITISH beef was prominent on the menu at most venues during last weeks Suffolk Show, not least in the livestock judging rings.

Here, a mighty Limousin bull took top honours in the beef interbreed championships, and then in the pairs repeated his achievement by winning with a well matched cow with January-born calf at foot. Both were exhibited by Bucks producers W J & M Mash.

Mike Gaisford

W J and M Mashs mighty Limousin bull Fiston took top honours in the beef interbreed champion-ships.

The only real surprise at the Suffolk Show was in the sheep lines where P Barkers Jacob ewe walked away with the interbreed championship. Judge Hugh Clark considered her a better representative of her breed than any of the others, and had no regrets whatsoever in making his choice. "I know it shook some people to the core, but in my view it was the right decision on the day," said Mr Clark.