22 November 1996

Beef programs added to range

COMPUTER software house Orchid Data Systems is launching two new beef modules to add to its Animal Management System.

Beef Recording is designed to evaluate beef production and includes an analysis of liveweight gains which can be linked to an individuals progeny. It also monitors carcass evaluation, which can be linked to dams and sires.

The Weighing module provides a simple monitoring system, which automatically calculates weights for 100-day intervals.

The AMS programs run on Windows 95 and include modules for Identity, Herd Management, Fertility, Veterinary, Feeding, Costings, Pedigree, Quota Pred-iction and Parlour Connection.

The Identity module is the core package, required for most other modules. Launched in the summer, it includes all the essentials to trace dairy cattle, beef and sheep. MAFFs new Cattle Passport (CPP) forms can be printed direct from this program, though the farmer must tick a box by hand to signal whether he wants any Cattle Identification Documents (CIDs) returned for subsidy claim purposes.

Beef Recording costs £155, Weighing £75 and Identity £199. (01536-443300).