22 November 1996

Beefed up mixer for big batch feeders

FOR big batch feeding, the Seko Samurai mixer wagon is now available with 16cu m (565cu ft) and 18cu m (636cu ft) capacities.

Imported from Italy by Lincs-based Lister Taylor, the new models have a beefed-up 600mm (24in) diameter auger and more chopping blades to cope with the extra weight of feed.

Mixing action is similar to that of the smaller models. Two bladed augers act against a counter blade so that the wagon chops as it mixes – this is particularly useful when baled silage or root crops are incorporated in the diet, reckons Lister Taylor. Chop length is about 50-60mm (2-3in).

Standing 2.7m (8ft 10in) high and 2.2m (7ft 2in) wide, the 16cu m Samurai is priced from £26,400. Options include elevator extension, independent hydraulic systems, double-sided discharge and hydraulic/air brakes. &#42

Increased capacity and more chopping blades feature on the new Seko Samurai mixer wagon, marketed by Lister Taylor. Price is from £26,400.