17 November 1995

Beefier partner for junior Fastrac is on the market…

JCBs 1115 tractor – a smaller, lighter version of the companys Fastrac range – now has a new partner in the form of the higher powered 1135.

Offering 135hp from its turbocharged Perkins engine, the extra power is channelled through a beefed-up transmission. Otherwise specification remains identical to the 1115.

JCB reports that in the six months since the launch of the 1115, customer response has been such that the two 1100 models are soon expected to command 50% of Fastrac sales.

&#8226 The 1135 was not the only the new "Fastrac" at Agritechnica.

Visitors to the Horsch stand found a red hybrid Fastrac – a 185 bonnet, engine and cab connected to a Horsch-built load platform and steering rear axle.

Designed for slurry and lime spreading, spraying and other load carrying operations, the machine will be marketed through existing JCB dealers, says JCB Landpowers David Bell.

JCB in red? This Horsch development has a Fastrac 185 at the front and an extended load platform/steering rear axle from Horsch at the rear.