By FWi staff

SUGAR-BEET quota values have slipped over the past week, with the recently agreed outgoers scheme attracting more sellers than buyers, but prices now seem to be levelling out.

Deals were being struck at about 35/t midweek, says Robert Cumine, of Bidwells, Cambridgeshire. Contract tonnage with high mileage attached is worth a small premium.

So is tonnage transferred to the York factory catchment area, as the first 40,000t attracts a 5/t subsidy from British Sugar to boost intake, he adds.

Duncan Clarke, of DCFM, Lincoln, says his company has conditionally traded over 80,000t of contract tonnage, subject to British Sugar sanctioning transfers.

Trade has picked up as values have slipped, from about 60/t three weeks ago to 35/t now, he adds.

“A lot more potential buyers – including new entrants – are showing interest. Prices could ease a bit more, but are unlikely to slip below 30/t – it would be a very safe buy at that.”