15 September 1995

Benign suppressant finds a niche

CARAWAY extract is now available as a sprout suppressant in the Netherlands and is due for a UK launch soon.

Despite costing up to 20 times more than conventional alternatives, the environmentally benign product is establishing a niche and looks set for a role in managing seed crops during storage.

Marketed by producer Luxan as Talent, it has given "good sprout inhibition" in Dutch ware crops, comments Adrian Veerman of the AGV research station at Lelystad. "But its high cost limits it to organic, and low or no residue markets," he says.

Luxan managing director Dirk Weeder says that is a worthwhile market, serving Scandinavia, Italy and several processing companies. It is useful for new stores where other sprout suppressants would prevent later use of seed crops, he adds. If it kills dormant sprouts Talent could also improve the consistency of crop emergence.

A novel use could be for managing short dormancy seed, extending the storage of seed during transit and helping reduce cooling costs, comments Mr Weeder.

Luxan is conducting a second year of trials to judge Talents effects on 60 varieties. Dose and timing will be key factors, predicts Mr Weeder.

&#8226 Luxan is soon to launch a 300EC formulation of its Gro Stop CIPC/IPC (chlorpropham + propham) product. Spray application will remove the box store limitations of hot fogging techniques, the company says.