22 September 1995

Big barley crop is in demand

STRONG demand, at home and abroad, will help clear the 1995 barley harvest, despite an estimated 23% increase in crop size, says Dalgety.

Total UK production is put at 6.9m tonnes made up of 4.25m tonnes of winter barley and 2.65m tonnes of spring crop.

"Most growers are extremely pleased with their barley crop, particularly those who have grown for malting in view of the increasing demand and higher prices available," said Andrew Barnard.

He expected maltster and distiller demand to rise 100,000t, to 2m tonnes, with a similar increase in on-farm use to 3m tonnes due to the recovery in the pig herd. Compounders would take an extra 50,000t, to 450,000t. After allowing for seed and sundries and intervention supplies, that left 1.6m tonnes for export this season .

General manager Don Patterson was optimistic this barley would find a home. "Out of the 1.6m tonnes surplus, there could well be malting barley exports of 250,000t," he predicted.