6 October 1995

Big herd? Big feeders

LARGE herds need large feeders, reasons mixer wagon manufacturer Keenan. The company has now introduced a 20cu m version which is capable of feeding up to 140 animals in one go.

Nearly double the capacity of the previous range leader, the Keenan 200 has been designed to handle high tonnages of the increasingly popular low density, high dry matter forages.

As with other models, the new machine employs the same mixing and discharge system, but its size requires the use of beefier chains, bearings and a new chassis – the latter having tandem axles. Power requirement is a minimum of 80hp.

Built to individual order, starting price of the Keenan 200 mixer feeder is £26,000.

Up to 140 animals can be fed from the 20cu m Keenan 200 mixer/

feeder in one go.