11 August 1995

Big July sales leap not quite as it seems

TRACTOR sales took a giant, but perhaps unrealistic leap during July. According to the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA), the number of registrations shot up by some 68.9% when compared with July of last year.

To put some figures to it, the number of tractors registered amounted to 1581, bringing the year to date figure to 11,108 – itself a rise of 13.6% on the previous year.

But things might not be quite as rosy as they first seem. As AEA economist Chris Evans points out, there were a number of factors which may have distorted the July figures.

"As registration records are received by post, and most of them arrive on Mondays, figures can become distorted when a month has five Mondays – as did July," he explains.

"And there was also the large number of pre-registrations for the new "N" plating to contend with."

Taking these factors into account, Mr Evans reckons a true increase percentage for July would be nearer 20% – still a significant increase and one which has led Mr Evans to revise his prediction for the end-of-year total.

"I have to admit tractor sales are going better than I first predicted. We could now be looking at an end-of-year total which is several percent up on 1994."