21 July 1995

Big square bale scoop

BIG square bale collection is now possible with the latest development from Telford-based Bexon Blew. The companys Square Bale Harvester is capable of loading and transporting 24 bales.

Individual bales are loaded on to the trailer using hydraulically operated scoops, one on each side. After the first two bales are on board, two further bales are stacked on top of them, the scoops extending to give extra lift height.

Once a stack of four has been created it is pushed rearwards to make room for the next four – and so on, until the trailer is full.

Unloading at the stack requires the trailer bed to be raised to 45í to let the bales slide off as the trailer is drawn forwards. Work rate is claimed to be high; an experienced operator can load a trailer in less than 15 minutes, says the maker.

Suitable for hay, silage and straw bales, the Bexon Blew Big Bale Harvester carries a price tag of £10,500. &#42

Automatic big square bale collection with Bexon Blews bale harvester.