20 September 1996

Big tractors now have a big plough to match

GROWERS with big tractors looking for a big plough to go with them have a new option in Vogel & Noots first semi-mounted model.

The Euromat 3S Herkules 1000 comes in four sizes from six to nine furrows, with twin land wheels part way down the beam for tighter headland manoeuvres, and a flexible joint with hydraulic operation/cushioning which allows the plough to follow contours and be progressively brought in and out of work.

"We see a small but growing market for this type of plough as farms use more powerful tractors," says Alistair Paterson of Vogel & Noots UK agent, Anglia Imports. The Herkules 1000 is designed to work with tractors up to 240hp and comes in shear-bolt and auto reset versions, the latter using a leaf-spring type break-away mechanism. Inter-body spacing of 100cm (39in) is common to both versions, but there is a choice of underbeam clearances from 76cm to 90cm (30in to 35in).

Working width is adjustable in four steps from 36cm to 48cm (14in to 19in) with a choice of different solid and slatted mouldboard designs to suit a variety of soils and finishes.

List prices go from a six-furrow shear bolt plough at £24,995 to £32,950 for a nine-furrow model with auto-reset leg protection. &#42

Among the biggest ploughs at the NORMAC event was this eight-furrow Vogel & Noot Euromat 3S Herkules 1000 semi-mounted model, catering for tractors up to 240hp. In four versions, offering six to nine furrows.