16 June 1995

Big beet cleaner for the

bigger unit

AN expansion to Armer Mach-inerys sugar beet cleaner-loader range has led to the introduction of the Armer 2000 model which becomes the largest available from the company.

Aimed at the high acreage grower or contractor, the 2000 is designed with a 2m (6ft 6in) wide twin-traced cleaning area having a rated output of up to 220t/hour. A large picking-off/inspection table with standing platforms for two people on either side is fitted.

Armer Machinery says the use of a twin, rather than a wide single trace eliminates sag, and the endless Continental web-type reduces maintenance requirements.

The 2000s 3.3m (12ft) wide hopper can be loaded from three sides and can accept beet from high capacity loading shovels. Its discharge elevator has a maximum delivery height of 4m (13ft).

Price of the Armer 2000 cleaner loader, which is powered by a 35hp water-cooled Lister diesel engine, is £29,950. &#42