10 November 1995

Biologicals can boost returns

USING approved biological additives under good ensiling conditions can improve financial returns from silage by one third, according to research from the Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research (IGER).

Speaking at an Alltech-organised meeting, Raymond Jones, of IGERs Silage Evaluation Unit, said increased liveweight gains from beef animals fed biologically-treated silage resulted in a 53% return on the cost of the silage, compared with a 20% return from cattle fed untreated silage.

Combined results

"Combining the results of many trials carried out at IGER, we know that use of an effective biological additive under any conditions will improve liveweight gains far in excess of that explained by the increase in dry matter intakes achieved," said Mr Jones.

"This is different from acids, which only improve performance in line with increased intakes, and tend to be effective in poor ensiling conditions only.