6 October 1995

Blocks aid flocks

HIGH energy feed blocks offered to shearling ewes during flushing and tupping can improve lambing percentage and boost margins by over £2 a ewe, claims Rumenco.

It cites trials last autumn by Leics-based Brooksby Farm College where 160 ewes at condition score 3.5 were split into two groups. Both had access to good quality grazing but one group received Rumevite energy blocks three weeks pre-tupping and seven weeks post-tupping.

Scanning results showed that lambing percentage increased from 179% in the control group to 200% in the Rumevite-fed group.

For 100 ewes, the sale of the extra 18.8 lambs at £40 a head came to £752 which, less the cost of Rumevite at £543, left an extra margin of £209.

, says Rumenco.