10 November 1995

Blueface group going strong

THIS year heralds the fifth lambing for the Bluefaced Leicester breed improvement group at the Welsh Institute of Rural Studies, University College of Wales, Aberystwyth.

Forty-five breeders originally contributed ewes to the scheme run by farm manager Dr Selwyn Williams.

"The Bluefaced Leicester is already such a good breed some people would question how it could be improved," says Dr Williams.

"But 22% of all breeding ewes in the country are sired by this breed. And any work done on its improvement will have a major effect on the national flock. We have achieved 263% prolificacy here and they are also a heavy and milky breed."

But to improve conformation Dr Williams uses scanning in the hope that while improving eye muscle the gigot muscling in the hind leg will also increase.

The policy is working. The ram lamb retained for breeding this year has 15% more muscling than contemporaries. &#42