12 April 1996

Bordeaux – maker offers finest twine

BORDEAUX is well known for its wine, but in the UK at least, not so much for its twine.

But that could all change if the marketing plans of twine manufacturer Sainte Germaine have success. After a tentative product test in East Anglia last year, the company is to go countrywide.

The Cybele polypropylene range includes twines for use with round balers, conventional balers and big square balers, the latter having two grades – standard and heavy duty.

Sainte Germaine general manager Claude Bernard is at pains to point out that his companys product packages are marked with a gross net weight and a minimum guaranteed length.

Only company?

"We believe we are the only company to label packs in this way. Others tend to indicate a length on their packs and state they are subject to normal manufacturing tolerances."

The key to being able to provide such information is to know the real runnage of the twine," he says. "That is, the length of twine a kg."

The real runnage of a twine is fixed when the sheet of film produced by the extrusion machine is cut into long tapes – the width of the tape dictating the finished twines real runnage rating.

Tape is stretched to align molecules and provide strength, then twisted to form twine. Different grades of twine start with smaller or larger tape widths.

&#8226 Current production from the Sainte Germaine plant amounts to about 5000t of polypropylene product. Claude Bernard reckons total UK twine use is in the region of 11,000t.

Start of the twine,,,plastic tape, split from a single sheet of film is wound on to spools before being taken to the stretching and twisting machine.