29 September 1995

Bottle subsidy idea rejected

FARM minister Douglas Hogg has rejected Labour Party calls for a subsidy on milk bottles to help maintain doorstep deliveries.

In a letter to shadow farm minister Dr Gavin Strang he says he does not think such a subsidy would be negotiable in Brussels.

Price differential

"To have an impact on the 12p/pint price differential between supermarket and doorstep milk any subsidy would have to be substantial," he said. "The commission, who have been trying to reduce expenditure in the dairy sector, are unlikely to respond favourably to further calls on the budget."

Dr Strang said he completely rejected Mr Hoggs statement. The EU spent some £3bn a year on the dairy sector, some of it on wasteful uses like feeding skim milk powder to veal calves. He felt some of this money should be redirected to encouraging the environmentally friendly, recyclable glass milk bottle which would help maintain doorstep deliveries. &#42