23 June 1995


TWO of the worlds most popular US Holstein sires have died, reports World-Wide Sires. Both Tesk-Holme Valiant Rockie and Rothrock Tradition Leadman have had a marked influence on the Holstein breed through their daughters and sons worldwide.

IN a move which reflects the flow of dairy genetics worldwide, three US AI co-operatives have agreed to import French semen. Accelerated Genetics, Select Sires and Sire Power will import the French genetics from Sersia France.

MOST popular young sire last year as voted by Holstein International readers is the Bellman son Twin B-Dairy Rookie.

Out of the VG88 cow Rocky VU Blackstar Ebony Elly, this US sire has an estimated transmitting ability of 1170kg milk, 33kg (-0.11%) fat, 33kg (+0.00%) protein, and £117 PIN.

He is available from Dairy Daughters priced £12.50/straw.

Runners-up were Prelude sons Horizon Gold and RGK Rocky.

OESTRUS synchronisation is detailed in a new guide available from Intervet. It advises on how to prepare a synchronised breeding programme for sucklers or dairy heifers. Booklet available free on 01223-420221.

THE efficiency of Ayrshire cattle will be studied in a £2000 sponsorship deal with Dalgety. Performance of cattle in 12 UK herds will be monitored to determine how efficient the breed is at using forage.