22 March 1996


CANADIAN dairy AI company United Breeders of Guelph has established a link with computer owners worldwide through the Internet.

About 200 people a day worldwide are opening United Breeders files on the Internet including one or two from the UK, claims Scott Totzke. Many are leaving E-mail (electronic mail) messages with comments and enquiries.

"Dairy and beef bull proofs, including those in the Semex catalogue, are reproduced on the Internet with colour pictures and more detail than in the printed catalogue," he says. "Proofs are updated twice a year after each proof run and also when new daughter records become available, giving more up-to-date information than the catalogue printed once a year.

"Next year the internet will contain the new run of bull proofs within days – long before the catalogue is printed."

UK producers will find UBI Home Page links with other relevant agricultural pages. Use – hhtp://www.ubi.com – for access.