24 November 1995

British rotary grain cleaners launched

A RANGE of rotary grain cleaners, targeted at both small and medium-sized farmers as well as the large merchant processor, has been launched by Lincs-based Butler Crop Care, writes John Bradshaw.

Butler believes there is an expanding market for these machines now that more farmers are saving their own seed, and are having to meet tighter quality standards when selling grain.

The launch marks an attempt by a British firm to make an impact in a market currently dominated by foreign equipment.

Favourable exchange rate

"The favourable exchange rate has made imported cleaners expensive," says the companys managing director, David Butler.

"We believe that the opportunity now exists for a sensibly priced British machine to succeed both in the home market and overseas." Mr Butler adds that UK-built gravity separators are already dominating the European market.

There are two sizes of machine currently available from Butler, both designed to cope with a wide range of combinable crops. The RS630/4 (4 x 630mm diameter screens) starts at £10,500 and has a capacity of 35t/hour pre-cleaning, and up to 20t/hour grading. The RS810/3 (3 x 810mm screens) has a capacity of 70t/hour pre-cleaning and up to 25t/hour grading. Each machine comprises a screen-type dust and chaff extractor/aspirator to remove husks, chaff and light materials, and a rotating drum fitted with screens which takes out heavier rubbish and stones.

Features include an electronic drum speed control and a drum angle control. Varying the pitch of the drum up or down varies the speed of the crop going over the screens. Butler says these two features enable the crop to be cleaned or graded to a more precise level.