9 June 1995

…broad range offers safety

HILLESHÖG counters Mr van der Haves claims on all fronts. Other breeders remain strong, especially in southern Europe, says marketing manager Lew Dyer. "They have good material and some will be suited to the UK. If they introduce one that performs, good luck to them."

Until that happens, growers are safe with Hilleshög varieties, he stresses. The company works with the worlds largest pool of genetic material, as borne out in the big differences between current varieties, and by new material being grown in trials, he explains.

"Our variety range is as extreme as any of our competitors. At one end we have NZ varieties like Saxon and Aztec, at the other, NE variety Druid. In the middle we have Celt, Zulu and Torc."

Some new material in trials is genetically "totally different", he adds. "We use a wide set of genes – that is borne out in practice. Neither have we exhausted the supply – theres all sorts of material available."