1 December 1995

Buoyant dealers say its been a year to remember

New machines, new ideas and a new show – Smithfield FarmTech. The event provided visitors with an opportunity to observe and savour the latest developments the industry has to offer. Andy Collings and Andrew Faulkner report on the machinery highlights

MACHINERY dealers were in a buoyant mood at Smithfield FarmTech – the event providing a final showpiece in a year which, for most in the industry, has been one to remember.

High volume sales, however, have not been without their problems. According to Chris Brown, general service manager for Ernest Doe and Sons, the main problem in recent months has been the lack of supply rather than the lack of sales.

"One of our main product lines is 170-240hp New Holland tractors. A few years ago our customers would order a tractor early in the season and were happy to accept delivery in time for the autumn workload. Now they want these high horsepower tractors as early as May to work-down set-aside land," said Mr Brown.

Although this helps spread dealer sales throughout the year, it has pressured tractor manufacturers and their component suppliers.

Meanwhile, dealers organisation, BAGMA, carried out a second survey among its 600 members this month. Most of the dealers who responded believed sales would continue to be buoyant. &#42