19 January 1996

BVA transport worries

VETS are supporting livestock industry claims that MAFFs proposals for European animal transport rules are unworkable.

The British Veterinary Assoc-iation has applauded MAFFs proposal that journeys could only begin after animals had been rested for 24 hours. But it feared the move would prove unworkable when animals are sold at livestock markets. "The practical application of the proposals are likely to result in a bureaucratic nightmare of benefit to no one," said Bob Young former BVA president.

"As they stand we do not think they will work and we have indicated to MAFF our willingness to help formulate simpler, workable alternatives."

The BVA accepted that in some cases animals had to be transported. "But we still believe meat animals should be sold on the hook and not on the hoof," he added.

Journey time proposals have also alarmed the BVA. Allowing lambs and calves, which may only have been weaned on the day of the sale, to travel for nine hours, with a one-hour break, then another nine hours was too long, Mr Young said. &#42