25 August 1995

BYDV in new aphids trial

CEREAL farmers are being sought to validate a new technique for forecasting barley yellow dwarf virus transmission by aphids in the autumn.

The HGCA-funded project needs more than 100 farmers to leave a 10m by 12m (33ft by 39ft) unsprayed area in their winter cereals, some distance from the headlands. Researchers will visit twice to mark out the plot, collect field information, count aphids and sample for virus.

If the project is successful it could lead to farmers being supplied with accurate, crop-specific advice on both the need for, and the timing of, sprays to control BYDV in winter cereals, says Paul Meakin, research co-ordinator at the HGCA.

&#8226 More details on BYDV research in next weeks Arable Focus supplement. &#42