26 January 1996

Cake margin boost

FEEDING small volumes of a high protein cake alongside ad lib high quality forage could boost dairying margins by £71 a cow.

That is the finding of the latest Kingshay Farming Trust report High Protein Concentrates.

The project studied the performance of January calvers averaging 5250kg. One group was fed 5.5kg a day of a 24% protein cake, the other only 3.5kg of a 38% protein cake. Both groups had ad lib access to good quality grass silage plus 2kg DM a day as maize silage.

Cows in the group fed less of the high protein cake ate more forage and produced more milk solids over their whole lactation than those on the lower protein feed. This cut feed costs for the "small volume, high protein feed" group, despite the extra forage required and lifted profits by £71 a cow. &#42