2 January 1998


A NEW year and new challenges. For FW artist Jake Tebbit it brings the challenge of completing the London Marathon on April 26.

Not known for his athleticism, Jake (self portrait right) feels a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do – before its too late. And what Jake feels he has to do is a lend more support to FARM-Africa.

Jake Tebbit will be one of a small band of 1998 marathon runners representing the charity which helps African farmers improve their agricultural skills and practices in order to provide a secure and independent existence for themselves and their communities.

Many UK farmers support FARM-Africa through the Grow A Tonne scheme which raises funds for practical training and help for smallholder farmers, like testing drought resistant crop varieties and new soil conservation measures.

Practical help of this kind is already paying off. For example, hands-on instruction in goat management and the loan of quality animals is showing good returns with both huge increases in milk production and improved soil fertility.

Jake and his wife Jane have supported FARM-Africa for some time. Jane is county organiser for Cambridgeshire Friends of FARM. But 1998 is the time for Jake to make his big effort, he says.

farmers weekly is backing him to the tune of £10 a mile and inviting readers to give his marathon effort their support too. We shall keep you updated with training reports.

Sponsorship forms from and contributions to FARM-Africa, 9-10 Southampton Place, London WC1A 2EA quoting ref E2159.

The weigh-in – 11.5 stones of prime English beefcake.