27 September 1996

Cattle classes approved


RABDF supreme champion Padfield (Hayleys) Ltds British Holstein/Holstein Friesian cow Hayleys Royalty Lou Etta 2 Et; res, Barnowl Jerseys Barnowl Fanfare.

Interbreed heifer champion W M Doig & Sons Ayrshire heifer Harling Hyacinth 28; res, Dixon Smith (Lyons) Ltds BH/HF Lyons Penny.

Midland Bank inspection award J W & N S Froggatts Jersey Fourcrosses Red Bagport; res, E Comleys BH/HF cow Summercourt Jan Midnight Trotwood.

Midland Bank exhibitor bred champion and Robert Mond shield E Comleys BH/HF cow Summercourt Jan Midnight Trotwood; res R T & J I Adams Ayrshire cow Bigginvale Brown Girl.

ABN 1953 Coronation perpetual challenge cup BH/HF team; res, Jerseys.

Genus perpetual challenge Morrison trophy Ayrshires; res, BH/HF.

NMR Barham competition BH/HF; res, Ayrshires.

NMR Shirley competition J Pickfords BH/HF cow Condon Aero Sharon; res, Padfield (Hayleys) Ltds BH/HF cow Hayleys Royalty Lou Etta 2 Et.

Midland Bank Bledisloe competition Jerseys; res, BH/HF.

RABDF Egham perpetual challenge cup for best Channel Island cow Barnowl Jerseys Barnowl Fanfare.


Dairy shorthorn R G Whittle & Sons Tonelea Pansy 100; res, P N Throups Drisgol Waterloo 52.

Jersey Barnowl Jerseys Barnowl Fanfare; res, R A Corners Albanian Rises Kinky.

Guernsey D R Gribbles Chiddingstone Bijou 11; res, West Midlands Guernsey Assns Lintels Goblin.

Ayrshire Drointon Farms Drointon Melody 53; res, J &#42 Fittons Newton Grange Royle Chubby.

British Holstein/Holstein Friesian Padfield (Hayleys) Ltds Hayleys Royalty Lou Etta 2; res, Padfield (Hayleys) Ltds Hayleys Tainted Lady 2. &#42

MOST important time for feeding the dairy cow is the dry period and the first weeks after calving.

"If we expect peak performance from our cows we must feed them for it," said CEDARs Chris Reynolds at a Dairy Event forum.

US research had showed that providing adequate roughage before calving helped avoid poor intakes and excess fat mobilisation in early lactation. "Cows spend less time off their feed and have less fatty liver problems," he said. Dosing with propylene glycol could also reduce fatty livers.

Protein intakes were also vital. Gut tissues started using protein for growth before calving, so they were competing with the udder.

In the early dry period, Dr Reynolds advised offering ample long fibre. Vitamins and minerals were needed but concentrates should not be overfed. Legumes should be restricted because their high calcium content could cause milk fever. Energy sources such as maize silage should only be fed in this period if needed for weight gain.

In the two to three weeks before calving the crude protein content of the diet should be increased to 15% and 3-4kg of concentrates should be fed and should be those that will be fed in the next lactation diet, but fat should be limited.

RABDFsupreme cow of the year and Midland Bank dairy champion was Padfield (Hayleys) Ltds Holstein Hayleys Royalty Lou Etta 2.