30 August 1996

Cattle feed keeps the blood balanced

PREVENT milk fever and ensure a trouble-free lactation by feeding Bio-Chlor and a mineral balancer to cows in the last two weeks of the dry period, claims feed compounder Attlee.

The feed is designed to adjust blood acidity and reverse the cows ionic balance so stimulating calcium uptake by the blood. It also claims to be highly palatable and stimulate cow dry matter intakes.

Attlee recommends feeding 1kg a cow a day for the 14 days before calving with 5-7kg dry matter of the post-calving diet.

A specially formulated mineral balancer must also be fed to ensure adequate calcium uptake, it adds.

It costs £13.44 a cow to feed both Bio-Chlor and the mineral balancer for a period of 14 days (01306-883533).