20 September 1996

CEDARbacks milk boosters

USE of scientifically proven feed additives to improve cow performance and milk quality must be supported by milk producers.

So said David Beever, CEDAR, University of Reading, speaking at this weeks European Dairy Farming Events Spotlight on Profit Forums.

"As producers are pushed towards tighter margins, higher milk specifications and need predictable performance there will be scope to use products that have lactation benefits."

Products that were currently used or may become available included enzymes, probiotics, protected amino acids, rumen microbes and even genetically engineered feed ingredients.

"There will be products that could improve feed intakes, digestion and nutrient use," said Prof Beever.

"If they are proven to be efficient and safe they should be available for use."

One example he used to illustrate this was the use of bovine somatotrophin. The risks of using BST were small, yet UK farmers were not allowed to use it, he claimed.

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