5 January 1996

Celica option

AT 52,000t, peas for human consumption account for only about 10% of the UKs annual production. This is reflected in steadier progress with varieties, most of which – Princess (91), Guido (87), Bunting (85), Maro (85) and Progreta (88) – are well known to specialist growers.

This year, however, marrowfat producers have a new "promising" option in Celica, provisionally listed with a yield rating of 99. It is smaller seeded than Bunting and Maro, however, and may not achieve the "Bigga" market. But it could replace Progreta, now becoming outclassed.

Growers for canning have been looking for a semi-leafless variety with better standing ability, says Ms Knott. "This has it."

Tests suggest cooking quality is as good as "becoming outclassed" Progreta, she adds. "But its not in the same bracket as Bunting."

Semi-leafless Princess, which stands very well, is mainly used for the packet trade. &#42