16 June 1995

Cemfuel has approval

THE Environmental Select Com-mittee has approved the burning of Cemfuel at Castle Cements Ribblesdale Plant in Lancashire.

But it wants to see more research into the fuel some farmers fear has damaged stock health (News, 22 July). Cemfuel should be classed as waste instead of fuel, which would mean meeting stricter limits on emissions, said the report. Under UK and European law the product is classed as fuel.

Castles works manager, Peter Strother has welcomed the report but says the material is the same whatever its designation. "Our prime concern is that it is handled safely for the sake of our own employees, the local community and the environment," he said.

But Robin Clarke, Lowcock Farm, West Bradford, isnt convinced. He claims Cemfuel is a waste product and the plant is being paid to burn it, undercutting other fuel companies. "If there was no risk MAFF would not have tested my milk." Mr Strother said MAFF tests were completed last year and gave Cemfuel a clear bill of health.

Environment Minister, Robert Atkins is studying the report. &#42