6 December 1996

Cereal spray area record looks on

FARMERS remain on track to spray a record cereal area with herbicides this autumn, according to the latest Cyanamid survey update.

Crops hardened by mid-November frosts, and heavy rain in previously dry areas, have seen a recent burst in activity, says Tony Billings, Cyanamids business development manager.

To monitor the actual area sprayed, the company is conducting a survey of 100 growers. By the third week of November they had sprayed about 70% of their 14,000ha (34,580 acres) of cereals. That is 10% ahead of the 1995 figure and nearing the final sprayed total of 80%, itself a record.

The surveyed growers intend to spray 93% this year, motivated by the generally successful weed control achieved last year, he says.

Given suitable spraying weather over the next few weeks they should achieve their goal, Mr Billings believes.