16 July 1999


&#8226 LINDANE seed treatment (Arable, June 25) has been banned after pleas to retain it contained no new scientific data, says the ministry.

&#8226 FIELD trials and registration application for cereal herbicide JV485 (Arable p60) have been put on hold.

Twinagros product stewardship move has been made in order to understand more about the chemicals unique physical features which can lead to undesirable and unacceptable secondary redistribution, says a spokeswoman.

&#8226 WHILE Monsanto has applied to have Latitude (Arable June 18) registered for use in the Republic of Ireland, it stresses that this product has not received any authorisation to date.

&#8226 USE of pre-harvest Fazor (maleic hydrazide) to control volunteers could become part of potato growing contracts on let land, says Dow Agrosciences. Increased riddle sizes and mild winters have increased the volunteer problem and a well timed treatment offers almost 100% control, it says.