6 October 1995

Cheque results?

ADAS Milk Cheque results for August buck national figures showing a 9% decline in production for the month, with a daily yield of 19 litres a cow for its herds matching last years figures.

However, to maintain yields concentrate used increased to 0.30kg/litre, compared with 0.26kg/litre last August. As a result milk from forage fell by 1.5 litres to 7 litres a cow this year.

ADAS dairy consultant Ian Powell said: "Despite the drought and the fall in national production, ADAS-monitored herds maintained yields by buffer feeding and using a higher feed rate a litre.

"Success this winter will depend on good forage planning and allocation of limited silage stocks to miking cows."

with alternative rations used for dry cows and young stock."