14 July 1995

Circular crush aids multi-suckler units

FARMERS who multiple suckle calves – and have a twice-daily tussle penning up cows for the purpose – could be interested in a new cattle crush from Johnson Brothers of Evesham.

Individual cows are held between two gates attached to a circular central section where feed hoppers are placed to help entice the cows into position and provide them with concentrate, if required.

Eight cows can be penned allowing up to 32 calves to be suckled at once. The bottom bar on the gates slopes upward to allow calves to reach the cows udder.

Designer, Peter Johnson, said the unit could be used in a field using stakes to secure the supports. He claimed cows soon became used to entering the gates.

The crush is available in two sizes with a circular eight-cow and a semi-circular four-cow unit at £1400 and £700 respectively. &#42