The Country Land and Business Association has stepped up its campaign to combat fly-tipping, calling on government to sign up to a three-point plan.

The CLA says the current system is unfair to farmers who have waste tipped illegally on their land.

It is calling on government to:

– ensure local authorities accept fly-tipped waste at local tips easily and without charge to landowners,

– stop prosecution of landowners who have waste materials – particularly hazardous waste such as asbestos – dumped on their land and have to foot the bill for removing it, and

– create the right policy framework for local authorities to work with police forces and other bodies on a zero-tolerance approach to the perpetrators of environmental crime.

CLA President William Worsley said: “At the moment, many people are afraid of reporting fly-tipping incidents for fear of being fined or incurring heavy costs when they have done nothing wrong.

“DEFRA and the Environment Agency urgently need to review the ways in which landowners are able to recycle materials dumped on their property.”