24 November 1995

Claas brings Variant to round balers

CLAAS is set to enter the UK variable chamber round baler market for the first time with the Variant 180. Designed to produce bales with diameters from 0.9m to 1.7m (3ft-5ft 6in) with a width of 1.2m (4ft), the baler is due to be tested under home conditions next year.

Versions with or without a chopping unit are available: The Rotocut has a spiral paddle which forces grass through a series of fixed knives, while the non-chop model is also equipped with a similar spiral arrangement but with no knives. The reason? In both cases, the paddle is used to provide a positive means of rotating the bale.

Claas says this system ensures material is rotated right from the start of the bale forming process, avoiding problems which can occur with dry and brittle straw.

Claass first variable chamber round baler in the UK. The Variant 180 is due for testing here in 1996.