14 July 1995

Cladding cuts cost

FARMVENT metal cladding, launched at the show, is said to provide optimum protection and ventilation for livestock.

"Air-flow without draughts is essential for good productivity and animal health. Financial rewards result from good ventilation," said Chris Pascoe of Glos-based suppliers Galebreaker. He cited a sheep study which showed that proper ventilation saved up to 54p a ewe a day on feed costs alone.

"The expanded metal sheeting allows better flow of air than louvered metal cladding or space boarding but reduces water penetration in driving rain."

The sheeting is galvanised and polymer-coated in green, brown or blue to give at least 15 years of maintenance-free life. The inner coating is white to reflect light.

Sheets can replace walls of stock buildings with the addition of cattle rails to protect them from denting. They have an effective width of 900mm, allowing for overlap, and can be supplied pre-cut up to 4.5m, at a cost of £10/m. &#42