29 September 1995

Clamp designed to frustrate thieves

ONE of the latest devices designed to curb the large number of ATV thefts now being committed throughout the UK has been launched by John Walton Engineering, based at Barnard Castle, Co Durham.

The Talon Clamp secures an ATV to the floor by a steel bar – one end is bolted to the floor and the other locked on to a wheel.

In operation, the floor-end of the clamp is first slipped over a mushroom-headed anchor set into the floor and then a lock bar is dropped into place to prevent its removal. The other end is then attached to the ATVs rear wheel and locked using a padlock set into a recess.

The manufacturer says the floor clamp has a 3t pull-out force but, in the event of a thief managing to overcome this obstacle, the main body of the clamp remains attached to the ATV, making it impossible to drive.

Versions of the Talon clamp are available for all major makes of ATVs and cost £145.

Deterring the thieves with the Talon clamp. Note the recessed padlock area designed to make unlawful removal difficult.