12 April 1996

Clean herd register

NORFOLK beef producer and butcher Brian Filby believes a register of BSE-free beef herds must be set-up to allow the industry to re-build a national clean herd.

Mr Filby, Grove Farm, Norwich, has just imported two Simmental bulls from Canada – one is the first pure-bred black Simmental in the UK.

"These two bulls are BSE-free. We have never had any BSE on any of our farms and all our cattle are fed on arable by-products and home-grown barley. All customers in our shops know they are buying BSE-free beef and have continued to eat beef in the past three weeks.

"We will now become a closed herd to maintain our BSE-free status and I believe others in the same position will follow suit. Some form of registration for these herds must be set up urgently," he says. &#42