14 July 1995

Clean it up – then fill it up

CAMBS cereal grower Peter Wiseman has no problems with a do-it-yourself store cleaning and hygiene policy. He runs a family business on the 322ha (805-acre) Hall Farm at Gt Chishill, near Royston.

"All tail corn and rubbish is removed and we thoroughly sweep everywhere before it is Hoovered. This takes about three days. Then with protective overalls, gloves and a respirator I use a mister to blow insecticide throughout the stores."

The chemical is a mixture of fenitrothion, permethrin, and resmethrin. Then a pirimiphos-methyl-based Actellic smoke generator is used to reach all inaccessible places, such as elevator shafts. Actellic liquid used to be sprayed but there was concern that it could get into electrical fittings.

Before grain is brought in insecticide dust is spread along the joins in the concrete floors.

"We do not like lorries backing into stores when loading grain because pests can drop off. This is best done outside." &#42